DIY garbage find make-over

PicMonkey Image chair


I’m a fan of the ‘rustic – one of a kind – cheaper than dirt’ kind of furniture. This junky old patio chair cost me about $5 to redo – and the best part? I mean, other than it being next to free…I barely had to do any work. I wanted to keep the old wood look instead of painting it, which normally is the most time consuming part of redoing furniture. This piece I just recovered the seat cushion, fixed it up with some wood glue and a few nails, washed it off, and threw a cozy blanket & pillow on it. Here’s how it came together –

untitledadWhat I needed:

  • staple gun
  • 1 yard durable fabric (upholstery or canvas will do)
  • new piece of foam


First things first – I had to replace that nasty foam…it was just grosser than gross.

I bought a yard of canvas fabric from hobby lobby (I only used a half yard, but the way they cut the fabric, I needed a full yard to cover my cushion and have a little to hold onto while stapling)

I laid down my seat base to measure where to cut my fabric, and cut it about 5 inches larger on each side


Pull tight and get to stapling!


If you are recovering a rounded or thicker cushion, you will need to make some folds in the corners of your seat. I started by stapling the middle of one side at a time, and folded in my edges after my sides were stapled down. (if your cushion is not rounded or too thick, you can skip folding & just continue to pull tight and staple around corners).

That’s it! Just a bit of new foam, fabric, staples and some wood glue…I’ve got a next to free cute little rustic side chair!




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