PicMonkey Image (2).jpgThis. The Girl with the camera, the – barefoot in the backyard, no makeup, pretty sure I have somebody’s poop on my shirt, taking pictures of my wine and cheese, baby in the background COVERED in dirt, I think he was probably eating out the sand box – yeah, that girl right there…that’s me, Abigail. Your vino drinking, chocolate cake eating, Elvis listening to, more than likely barefoot, redheaded girl.


I’m Michigan made, North Carolina living. My hobbies include: searching for the perfect Gyro, wiping butts, cleaning up cheerios, and deciding between my favorite shades of beige (that’s a joke – they’re all my favorite). I’m a military wife to (my) high school sweetheart, and I am “mama” to Henry(1) with a baby girl on the way. Follow me while I share my favorite recipes, home décor, and the unfiltered stories of my life.